Why use a consultant?


The ICG offers the ideal gateway to accessing a pool of skilled and experienced independent consultants who can be hand-picked on a flexible, outsourced basis. Buyers can plan their projects intelligently, flexibly and more strategically than they might with larger agencies. Using an independent consultant is also usually cost-effective, as consultants are brought in as and when they're needed and can be deployed in parallel projects.

This contemporary, best-of-breed approach to market research is best achieved through independent consultants because of their ability to think creatively, with a fresh perspective, and with the client's best interests in mind.

The ICG's training and networking forums allow members to keep up to date with industry innovations and to hear from market leaders, many of whom are members themselves.

Featured ICG Member

Dean Murley

White Tiger

Dean Murley

Specialising in...
23 years' combined qual experience in UK and Australia with projects on every continent.

All types of qual research, all methodologies, domestic and international.