Advertise to the ICG Membership

An exciting opportunity for suppliers to advertise to 300+ research consultants and smaller companies

The independent consultant and smaller research company sector is growing steadily. The ICG represents over 360 mostly UK based consultancies and companies, and our members have frequent needs from a wide range of research suppliers, from fieldwork to data processing to various other services. Advertising opportunities are now available on the ICG website. Now is a great time to increase your profile and work with us!

We are currently getting about 5,000 hits a month on the website with people viewing an average of about 5 pages each time they visit.

The ICG Supplier Directory

The Supplier Directory is a dedicated section within the members' only area of our website. The facility will be regularly promoted to our membership by the ICG. Note that acceptance of an advertisement on our website does not imply endorsement of those services by the ICG.

The Supplier Directory contains a number of different categories, such as online fieldwork, qualitative recruitment, venues, DP etc. You can advertise under as many or as few categories as you wish. The listings within each category will appear in alphabetical company name order.

You may have noticed as you browse the ICG site that it generates "featured members" offering an image and a quick overview of their skills. When an ICG member logs in to the site to read our regular newsletter or download our resources, instead of "featured members" they will see "featured advertisers". This will raise your profile among the members even when they are not searching for a specific service.

Once your application is accepted, you will be notified of the payment amount. You will also be sent a password that allows you to login to the site and fill in all the extended information that will be displayed in the listings, and upload a logo or photo. You will also be able to pay for your listing via our secure Google Checkout account, with a debit or credit card. Your listings will go live as soon as you have paid.

  • Once purchased, your listings will remain live for 12 months. You can log back in to update your information at any time
  • Fees for advertising for 12 months are: First listings category: £100 plus VAT; all subsequent categories booked and paid for at the same time: £50 plus VAT each
  • Advertising from an existing ICG member qualifies for a 50% discount
  • An email will be sent to you after 11 months inviting you to renew. If not renewed the entry will be taken down after 12 months.