ICG identity

We encourage you to use the ICG logo in your communications in both printed and electronic forms: e-mails, letters, documents, proposals, brochures, website, etc.

However, usage of the ICG logo is limited to the conditions set out below:

  • Membership of the ICG is on an individual basis, not a corporate basis.
  • The logo may be used only by current paid-up members of the ICG.
  • Companies which have current paid-up members of the ICG may use the logo in corporate communications (such as websites, brochures, proposals) provided that it is made clear in the accompanying text that the company has specific employees who are members of the ICG, and not that the company itself is a member of the ICG.
  • The logo is Copyright © Independent Consultants Group Ltd 2006.
  • Modifications to the design, colours, or lettering are not permitted.
  • Usage of the logo in conditions other than those outlined above is not permitted.

There are two sizes that can be downloaded by clicking on the link on the right:

  • Small - 213 x 118 pixels (7KB)
  • Medium - 369 x 205 pixels (14KB)
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