The Egroup

The ICG's electronic discussion group, the egroup, is a forum in which members can compare views, ask for advice, offer advice or simply read what others have written, on any aspect of being an independent researcher/consultant. The egroup widens members' horizons simply from reading posts from other people. It also helps to build a sense of community.

If any of us needs to know something, or has a problem arising from working as an independent without the back-up services of a big company, there are probably members out there who have an answer.

The egroup is also the place where work opportunities are posted, by clients looking for someone to take on a defined project, and by other egroup members who need additional help on specific studies.

The way the egroup operates is that when members have something to say, they email their message to the group's email address. The message is then automatically sent to all members. This means that information can be exchanged quickly.

The egroup is administered for us by Yahoo! Groups.

The egroup's moderator is Guy Consterdine ( he can be emailed on

New members of ICG are routinely enrolled in the egroup by the moderator, within a few days of joining ICG.

ICG egroup discussions should be treated as confidential to ICG members, unless agreed otherwise. This confidentiality is part of the terms of membership of the egroup.