Egroup - Members' Comments

Some views from members showing their appreciation of the Egroup:

“Since being part of the ICG I feel I have a brilliant ‘team’ of senior, trustworthy contacts with expertise in many more disciplines than I ever had at my fingertips when I was employed by one of the largest UK MR agencies.”

“I think this is the best source of advice available, and I value it very highly indeed.”

“I used to buy [a specific source], but now I just ask the egroup for recommendations - MUCH more satisfactory.”

“I can’t help comparing the benefit I get from being privy to all this correspondence (often on issues which otherwise have not crossed my path, though you never know when they might) with what now seems to have been a rather insular existence when I worked for an international research company. Long may it last - there are many issues where I feel privileged to have been able to benefit from others’ experience.”

“A big thank you to all those who have brought me into the twenty first century, with PC based statistical tests and other suggestions. Long live the egroup!”

“I couldn’t have pitched for a recent job without the assistance and recommendations of the egroup and now I've got it - I think the egroup is brilliant and is the main reason I recommend the ICG to other Indies I know.”

“Thanks to all who have responded to me on just what I need and the links supplied... were also appreciated... And all this over a weekend! Many thanks again.”