Application For Membership of the ICG

I confirm that:

a) I am working in the field of market research or a closely related area;

b) I work alone, or in an organisation of no more than 3 full time staff, and agree that in keeping with the spirit of the ICG my organisation does not explicitly suggest that it has more than 3 full-time employees;

c) I agree to be bound by the ICG Code of Practice as stated below.


Independent Consultants Group (ICG) Code of Practice

ICG members are required to adhere to the core principles contained in the Market Research Society's Code of Conduct, whether they are MRS members or not.
Additionally, ICG members must adhere to appropriate standards of professional behaviour and not act to bring the ICG in to disrepute.

If a member or applicant is deemed by the committee, after examining evidence presented by another member, to have failed to meet the ICG Code of Practice, the committee reserves the right to refuse or withdraw membership.

In cases of dispute, written evidence must be submitted by the complainant to the committee within a reasonable timescale. The individual complained against must respond in writing within 28 days and may be asked to meet the committee. The ICG committee will consider all evidence and deliver a decision in writing within 28 days. The committee's decision will be final, and its deliberations will be conveyed to the relevant parties at the committee's discretion. If a dispute involves a committee member, that member will not vote on the dispute.