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Non working Seniors in France

Posted by Caroline Baker on 22nd June 2010

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As France struggles to reform its pension scheme statistics show that the level of non working Seniors is significantly higher compared to other European countries.

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Goodbye computers

Posted by Andrew Ockwell on 9th April 2010


The iPad is the first device of the post computer age.

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The world is made in China... but the Chinese want to buy western products!

Posted by Anumita Sharma on 5th April 2010


As Chinese products flood markets the world over, the West still leads the way in technology, design, quality standards, workmanship and materials

Why do the Chinese prefer Western products   

'Logorama' - a glimpse of the future?

Posted by Graham Matthew Booth on 10th March 2010


If Naomi Klein's worst nightmare came true, it might look like 'Logorama'

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A false god?

Posted by Graham Matthew Booth on 9th March 2010


Customer segmentation algorithms rarely work for qual recruitment - but is there a deeper problem?

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